Environmental Leadership

We like to think of ourselves as a wilderness ambassadors. We bring people into the outdoors through adventure writing, photography and advocacy campaigns. When you have a chance to share the adventures, it is a chance to show others the beautiful world we are surrounded by.  We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong while building relationships with the land. This is imperative in order to maintain a sense of connectedness to the lands we love to adventure on so much.

We self identify as "outdoor advocates who communicate passion for others to be inspired to enjoy nature and protect the world we live in." We believe in being outside and enjoying the wonderful around us. Communicating these passions through our writing and work in the outdoor industry. We have discovered that this is the key to finding personal happiness and that this course has really forced us to look at what we am doing and why. We need strong passionate leaders to bring together communities in order to create change. 

Megan Davin