Environmental Writing

We envision a world where outdoor participants are seen as stewards of the land vs. simply “users” of the land. Advocating for education between outdoor recreationalists and environmental conservation for the preservation of our natural resources through respect and honoring the places and policies where they recreate. We need to work together as whole units in order to help solidify change through passion, stories and community support.

Having the ability to look at issues such as trail sustainability, the preservation of lands threatened by development, the role of local stewardship in protecting public lands will encourage more people to work towards fostering the maintenance of the areas they love. Working as a united community, in cooperation with land managers and environmental agencies, improves the reputation of outdoor enthusiasts as legitimate, responsible, and conservation-minded stewards.

We are persuasive advocates who are looking to show the environmental impacts on outdoor recreation. With many educational plans in place to launching towards the right futuristic steps we need to add a more personal touch to motivate our current, potential and future audiences to care. If there is no personal level connection there will not be any successes gaining momentum. Between the balance of education, awareness and understanding to promote my views without pushing them onto others too much. We are seeking to reach a vast audience of both the hardcore enthusiasts all the way to the never ever’s within the outdoor community. 


Megan Davin