What is The Mountain Outpost?

The Mountain Outpost is a gathering place where outdoor recreation meets activism, for the lovers and protectors of the mountains. After reflecting on everything I have learned throughout my masters program I created a website that is a gathering space for like minded individuals to come and access blog content and podcasts (Coming Soon) related to the environmental sustainability within the outdoor recreation industry. The purpose is to take my knowledge and research and continue to grow and expand upon it. 

The goal is to create, strengthen and nurture connections to the natural world through community being rooted in authenticity. It requires trusting an idea rather than reacting out of fear. It keeps us focused on work we are passionate about. The Mountain Outpost wants to strengthen connections to the natural world and working with a community is the best way to achieve these goals. We view our work as evergreen, connecting to today's most influential environmental change makers, everyday activists and outdoor enthusiasts, supporting one another. It is a place for both outdoor enthusiasts and educators to gather for information regarding the environmental or potential environmental impacts on the areas where we love to recreate. 

When you love something or someone you want to understand the impact or footprint you will leave behind in its lifetime. We have this desire because when we are gone that is all there is left for others to remember us there by. The same is true for our natural landscape, to best understand your affect you need to learn about your impacts because every decision made leaves an impact. While leaving little to no impacts is the best impact for nature, sometimes that is not possible and that is where education comes into play.

Our mission is to support and inspire a quest for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to help all learners understand, appreciate and care for their environment. As an integral part of achieving our mission, we encourage direct experience outdoors.