Humans have always had a close relationship with the outdoors. But it has not always been a good relationship. Some people have a blatant disregard for nature, because they do not understand how precious our natural environment is or that it even exists especially in cities. This disregard for nature has produced a world-wide crisis of global warming and the environment is falling apart. People are now attempting to do as much possible for the environment, unfortunately no one can agree through the masses on one thing to focus on at a time so it is a slow progress.

We are always working to figure out each individual situation. And what may seem ok in the now and gives the best answer now is not typically ok or the best in the future. The future and the present should be treated equally when weighing decisions.

Humans need to be stewards to the land. From coyotes to solitude there are many ways nature is not fully thought through, but at the same time people are working to preserve more than we ever imagine. Every little piece counting towards the whole matters and makes a difference. There is not one square inch on this planet that is not disrupted by some sort of human produced or man made noise everyday. 

Our natural environment is the world around us. It is where we live and what we do everyday. The choices we make affect what happens. Did we just step on the last species of an ant and kill it off or is driving everywhere necessary? People make conscious and unconscious decisions every day and every one of their decisions affects the environment. It is the conscious decisions that are most appreciated by the world as a whole. Those are the decisions that affect the people, plants and animals.

If the world listens we challenge everyone to be more conscious and work positively towards a better future and we hope through advocacy that people will continue to look at their work and that is what will make the difference. Everyone has something to say and some say it better than others but they all make valid points in their own right. In some aspects of life nature is disregarded but in others people are striving to make it better than before. It’s all a personal choice. Help join a movement for the planet or sit back and watch everything deteriorate.