Season 2: Back Again

What began in 2015 as a way to justify my expensive finish to my masters program was The Mountain Outpost. 

We were a podcast telling stories of amazing people who were passionate about the outdoors and the environment, and how they intertwined. And it was fabulous. I love excuses to talk with so many amazing people with great stories. But then life got in the way, I moved, switched jobs and created excuses out of fear and stopped recording. But the problem was I have not stopped meeting amazing people, I have not stopped wanting to share their stories. So, here we are back again, Season 2 of The Mountain Outpost. 

We will be telling stories, laughing, and no longer will I obsess (or try not too) about telling the wrong stories. There are no wrong stories. We are real, genuine and passionate about storytelling. Tell us what you like, dislike, who else we should talk too. Because even though we have a long list of people we want to interview, I don't know everyone. And I want to "meet" and I'm saying this with air quotes "Meet everyone."

So, welcome back to Season 2 of The Mountain Outpost. We hope you laugh, smile, ponder, question, and who knows maybe even cry listening to our stories. We are here committing to you.  

Season 2 launches 7/2

Megan DavinComment