Educating the Public About Making Recreational Decisions

The most important right we have is the right to be responsible.” Gerald Amos

It is generally accepted that recreational use in natural environments result in some degree of negative social and environmental impact. Today the increasing popularity of outdoor activities indicates that people are looking for new ways to interact with the environment. 

When looking at recreational impacts the understanding of visitor perceptions of resource impacts requires the consideration and evaluation of a variety of influencing variables. What visitors perceive and their judgments about resource impacts are influenced by many factors including setting, the type of resource impact, visitor characteristics, visitor expectations, and level of knowledge. Factors such as local ecological knowledge and knowledge of minimal-impact practices positively influence visitor perceptions of resource impacts. 

Recreation activities can cause impact to all resource elements in a wilderness ecosystem. Soil, vegetation, wildlife, and water are the four primary components that are affected. When we take the time to look at the effects of recreating in nature and the opportunities to expand our knowledge base to implement more education-based programs flourish.  When you research the factors that influence visitors' perceptions of environmental and social conditions it is then necessary to inform the public about environmental management of protected natural areas. 

Environmental education is a relatively young field of study, but it is utilizing practices that are much older. With educating the public about making hiking decisions the larger long term topic and goals are related to recreation ecology and how to maintain a balance and the shorter term goals are beginning the education process. 

With the ever-increasing demand for outdoor activities being on the rise- the environmental education is going to have to grow or catch up to the progress of growth. We want you to join us, in the journey about learning about the activities and places we love, while educating others in the process and getting everyone excited about nature and the great outdoors!


Connecting to Goals

As outdoor enthusiasts we frequently convene here, in a virtual world, which seems utterly opposite to our passion of the outdoors, but the internet allows us to share and bring together our passion and love for the outdoors. We have "met" and connected with so many amazing people through social media. When having the opportunity to travel and finally getting a chance to actually meet some of these people in person, it has been a wonderful experience. In many ways the Internet does bring people closer together because it allows us to make friends in a virtual way or stay in touch with old connections that may not live anywhere near where we live.

Some people say the internet keeps you from people, but we think it can bring your closer, because you can talk to each other more often and sometimes at a deeper level. This vehicle for sharing also allows outdoor enthusiasts to share with friends, family and the world the beauty of what is out there to explore. Everyday we are motivated by the photos we see and stories we read online.

To us it is important to spend a little bit of time every day outside. Many days, this exists as simply as walking the dog or going for a run, because in a perfect world our days off are consumed by adventure and exploration, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, etc.

When we take the time to reconnect again in nature, our often times go- go – go personalities take a back seat, and we can reflect on what I am doing and why. And it is every time that we step back and reflect and come forward with clarity, new ideas and goals. Our goal is to figure out the best way to communicate environmental issues with the general public, breaking down the information to make it easily understandable and accessible. 



The land we love- the footprint we leave…. Because it’s everything

Intrinsically we are drawn to the beauty of nature. When we step outside, we go beyond the comfort of our homes and become immersed in a world full of adventure and the unknown. When spending time in nature, we feel refreshed, recharged and subconsciously know that we belong here; it is good for us.

We should always stop to take in what is around us. Being in nature allows you to be drawn into the present moment,  puts things into perspective and resets the mind. In the day and age of technology, many people are deprived of green space. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be draining for the mind and soul. We believe that reconnecting with nature holds many benefits for our mental wellness.

This really leaves you with no excuse but to get out there and adventure! Our goal is to help inspire others to connect with nature and explore what is out there. We will never be done exploring, taking every chance we get, even when it's your backyard, it's time to reconnect: that’s why we are here.

What is The Mountain Outpost?

The Mountain Outpost is a gathering place where outdoor recreation meets activism, for the lovers and protectors of the mountains. After reflecting on everything I have learned throughout my masters program I created a website that is a gathering space for like minded individuals to come and access blog content and podcasts (Coming Soon) related to the environmental sustainability within the outdoor recreation industry. The purpose is to take my knowledge and research and continue to grow and expand upon it. 

The goal is to create, strengthen and nurture connections to the natural world through community being rooted in authenticity. It requires trusting an idea rather than reacting out of fear. It keeps us focused on work we are passionate about. The Mountain Outpost wants to strengthen connections to the natural world and working with a community is the best way to achieve these goals. We view our work as evergreen, connecting to today's most influential environmental change makers, everyday activists and outdoor enthusiasts, supporting one another. It is a place for both outdoor enthusiasts and educators to gather for information regarding the environmental or potential environmental impacts on the areas where we love to recreate. 

When you love something or someone you want to understand the impact or footprint you will leave behind in its lifetime. We have this desire because when we are gone that is all there is left for others to remember us there by. The same is true for our natural landscape, to best understand your affect you need to learn about your impacts because every decision made leaves an impact. While leaving little to no impacts is the best impact for nature, sometimes that is not possible and that is where education comes into play.

Our mission is to support and inspire a quest for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to help all learners understand, appreciate and care for their environment. As an integral part of achieving our mission, we encourage direct experience outdoors.