Our Values:

The Mountain Outpost works to tell the stories of the people, places, and companies that operate in the outdoor recreation industry. We bring the stories and uniting voices together in order to grow a community.

1.     Who do you Shop From? Do you just shop from anyone or do you shop with a purpose. Many people today shop with a purpose from companies and organizations that are doing something more above and beyond the traditional sales models. Companies that are giving back to charity or tracking the sourcing of their materials. Be an informed consumer. 

2.     Why do outdoor places matter? When you love someplace we tend to put more efforts into conserving and protecting places that have meaning to us personally. All places have a value to someone and provide habitats, clean air, fresh water and a peace of mind knowing their existence. These connections to outdoor places are the backbone for future conservation. 

3.     Why listen to everyones stories? There is room for everyone and everyones stories. When we think like a community we can leverage one voice for a stronger presence making a bigger impact. Having a diverse background of knowledge only strengthens our chances of being heard and understanding the full picture. 

Listen in today to learn about the wild places and wild people you love.