Episode 5

Joining us in Episode 5 is: Kim Vinet

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Aside from being a skier, Kim is a geologist. She has a degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science at the University of Western in London, Ontario. She kind of stumbled upon it and took Earth Science in first year, loved it, and decided to stick with it. Falling love with the study of sedimentology - the deposition of sediments, erosional patterns and formation of sedimentary rocks. It was because she could always envision herself in those spaces where the rocks were formed - on a beach, in the mountains, on a riverbank. 

Ironically, the science she enjoyed for outdoor reasons led her directly into Petroleum Exploration and Production. Feeling guilty about it at first, she then assured herself that being involved at the ground floor could ensure that projects were carried out in an environmentally friendly manner. She made sure locations were drilled with as little a footprint as possible and annoyed more than one Production Engineer who wanted to use fresh water with questionable ethics. 

At first Kim thought she had the best of both worlds; skiing in these amazing mountains on the weekends and having an impact on these huge projects during the week. But slowly she felt herself drawn away from the city and towards the mountains. The people she met in the mountains were always more grounded and their energy was contagious. In 2009 Kim moved to Revelstoke and was able to make that a permanent residence as of 2012. 

So now, with the help of sponsors, Kim is able to use her salary as a geologist to finance ski dreams. And able to use her background in petroleum and the platform as a skier to hopefully impart change in the energy industry in Canada! Kim, like myself, is a big fan of finding your passion and following your heart. For Kim, these things came together organically because she allowed them to - even though it was not without struggle.  


Kim's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kim_vinet/

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