Episode 7

Joining us for Episode 7 is James Morin, COO, President of Sales at Flowfold. 

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Flowfold is at the forefront of American Made craftsmanship and innovation. They unite the reliability of classic techniques with the precision of cutting edge technology. Every stage of their creative process revolves around maximizing the performance, quality, and durability of the products. Their passion is building gear to carry what you need in pursuit of this experience. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, pairing carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. The gear fits intuitively and functions effortlessly so you can find your moment. Flowfold has a strong commitment to our community and environment is multidimensional. Every Flowfold product is Made in the USA because they believe in supporting local workforce. Domestic manufacturing ensures healthy conditions in the workplace, results in higher quality products and requires fewer non-renewable resources.

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