Episode 9

Joining us for Episode 9 is Jessica Williams, of Pet Talk Media

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For Jessica, communication is both an art and science and she has always been an animal lover. Jessica has combined her love for animals and passion for communication when she founded PetTalk Media, a digital platform that does everything from helping pet-related businesses rock social media to making connections with local pet communities.

 Her blogYouDidWhatWithYourWeiner.com – an active and travel lifestyle blog featuring two lovable and mischievous Dachshunds and winner of The Best Active Living Blog Award in the 2014 Petties. 

How to Find Jessica:
You Did What With Your Weiner- Blog


Leave No Trace Doggie Style Article

Episode 4

Joining us for Episode 4 is Kt Miller, Photographer, Environmentalist and Athlete

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Kt grew up in Bozeman, Montana, where she learned to ski before she could walk. She was fortunate to be a part of Montana Mountaineering Association’s high school Junior Mountaineering Team. Through this program she learned to rock climb, ice climb, and backcountry ski. She went on to instruct and guide for Montana Mountaineering Association for 4 years. She also spent two seasons in Alaska apprentice guiding for South East Alaska Backcountry Adventures in Haines. After loosing a friend in an heli-skiing accident Kt decided to take a break from guiding for a while an focus on gaining more experience. This accidentally jump started her adventure photography career. Her camera, skiing, and climbing skills have since taken her all over the world, with first ski descents in Greenland, Alaska, Romania, and Montana. In the off-season Kt works as a media specialist in the Arctic with Polar Bears International. Her most recent accomplishment is a 30 minute film, Shifting Ice + Changing Tides, documenting a female led skiing and sailing expedition from Iceland to Greenland. Kt is easing back into guiding and instructing again after a four year break by teaching for the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, and guiding for Yellowstone Ski Tours. 

Kt Miller: http://www.ktmiller.photo/
Kt on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ktmillerphoto
Kt on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ktmillerphoto/
Poler Bears International: http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/
Shifting Ice, Changing Tides: http://shiftingice.org/
Yellowstone Ski Tours: http://www.yellowstoneskitours.com/

Episode 3

Joining us for Episode 3 is Dan Cirenza, of Leave Nice Tracks.  

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Leave Nice Tracks is an upcoming documentary based on the efforts of a few Vermonters trying to make the Backcountry more sustainable, safe, and accessible to enthusiasts and newcomers. It is a selection of stories told by locals and enthusiasts of backcountry skiing and riding. Over the course of the next several years filming will be taking place during the off season to show the work that goes into creating these backcountry environments, as well as during the winter to show the end result of all this effort.

Website: http://www.leavenicetracks.com/
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/163433886
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leavenicetracks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leavenicetracks

Episode 2

Joining us for Episode 2 is Tracy Remelius, 

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A longtime outdoors woman living in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, Tracy leads Yoga Adventures, which combine her love of getting outdoors with practicing yoga. Tracy leads hikes, snowshoe treks, SUP and kayak trips, and mudra workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts and with partnering land conservation groups. She has developed Nature Rx workshops which incorporate Nature Based Stress Relief with yogic practices. She is a holistic health coach who empowers clients to overcome inner resistance and motivational blocks to live adventure filled lives of health and happiness and is a regular health expert on the television show Mass Appeal. For the past four years Tracy has volunteered with SheJumps and since helping grow the organization in the Northeast is now a national director.

As Tracy Mentioned there is another Paddle on Spectacle Pond, and here is the information
"On Spectacle Pond" : Resisting the Pipeline! On Saturday, July 16, join us for a celebration of solidarity with Berkshire friends & neighbors fighting the Connecticut Expansion pipeline proposed to run through protected land in the Otis State Forest. This event/action will take place in two locations, and you can link with us, in one location or both. Both events and all activities are free and family-friendly!

Website: http://www.tracyremelius.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TracyRemeliusYoga

Episode 1

Joining us for Episode 1 is Aisha Weinhold, Founder of the No Man's Land Film Festival


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Born and raised in Colorado Aisha, is the founder of the No Man's Land Film Festival. She is an avid skier, climber, sailor, runner and overall outdoor enthusiast. Aisha created the film festival as a means to justify an end. She wanted to see and connect with women who enjoyed and navigated a world similar to hers, and so began the planning. 

At their core,  the No Man's Land Film Festival is an all-female adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is a collaboration and celebration of men and women who are deeply engaged in enhancing female presence in the adventure arena. The goal of this festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure. Along with cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of our planet from a female point of view, No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change. Their mission transcends the films presented; and acts as a platform for progressive thought and movement in the outdoor industry.  Along with cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of our planet from a female point of view, No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change.

"With the environmental crisis being in it’s current state, we want to support and inspire women to get into their environments, while cultivating a deep respect and sense of responsibility for the places where we play. The reward that we find from pursuing our passions is driven strongly by the health of our environment. Our love of adventure partnered with our love for wild and beautiful places inspires us to act as an advocate for the environments we love, meanwhile facilitating the connection between place and play." NML

No Man’s Land understands that in order to create meaningful change, it is important to involve the community. Check them out. 

Website: http://nomanslandfilmfestival.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomanslandfilmfestival
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nomanslandfilmfestival/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoMansLandFilm


Episode 0

Welcome to the introductory solocast of The Mountain Outpost Podcast.


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Now, you may be wondering what exactly is The Mountain Outpost? Simply put, it is a place where outdoor recreation meets conservation and activism. It is both a community and a podcast for the lovers and protectors of the mountains. 

The Mountain Outpost gives a voice to environmental protection in outdoor recreation. Our work connects today's most influential environmental change makers, everyday activists and outdoor enthusiasts, supporting one another to keep our mountain environments beautiful and sustainable. 

I want to create a place that is a platform for athletes, brands, ambassadors, organizations, and the public to come and tell stories and share thoughts and ideas. My goal is to help bring a better and overall connection to tying together the outdoor recreation industry and environmental protection. 

What is Our Vision?? The amount of information online and in the media is overwhelming. The goal of The Mountain Outpost is to give people a global perspective on issues related to the environment and outdoor recreation. We stand out through a unique lens of storytelling giving our audience a global perspective on topics related to the environment and outdoor recreation. Storytelling creates an emotional connection and We want to create a unique perspective through storytelling while connecting with our audience. 

What is Our Mission Statement? The Mountain Outpost is a website that is going to be a gathering space for like minded individuals to come and access blog content and podcasts related to the environmental sustainability related to outdoor recreation. The purpose is to be a curator of information while taking our knowledge and research and continue to grow and expand upon it while educating and informing the public. 

 So who Am I??

What is my Background??

I, Megan Davin, am an outdoorist. I live work, and study around nature. My passion lies within connecting the outdoor industry, a field where I have been working in since 2006 and the environment, a topic that has sparked my interest since grade school. After completing my Master of Science in Environmental Studies this spring I realized that I wanted to combine that passion with my 10 years experience working in and around the outdoor recreation industry.

So…. WHY should you care??

After doing a LOT of research I discovered that there was no one platform to finding articles, stories and podcasts surrounded by my interests. I would spend hours combing the internet just to try and find something.

The way I view it is that my passion for the outdoors and outdoor recreation cannot exist without certain protections of the places I love to recreate. But often times there is a disconnect between them, and we are a resource that helps tie together and show the connections and tell the stories proving that one can’t exist without the other.

We look forward to you joining in on our community. We all have stories to tell and these are the ones tying together outdoor recreation and the environment.  We look forward to the journey and sharing stories with you.